My Nebraska Story: North Platte North Platte is one of the communities served by the High Plains Early Learning Connection Partnership. #MyNebraskaStory #WhatsYourRole
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My NE Story: North Platte
Have you ever evaluated the content of your thoughts? Odds are, if you do you may realize that you tend to think a lot of negative thoughts! Check out this article; 4 Action Steps to Combat Negative Thinking!
1 day ago, Sara Gentry
Negative Thoughts
Hope you have a "sailing" good time!!
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The @HersheyPanthers spent 3 hours this morning analyzing student MAP Growth data. They had AMAZING conversations about what is best for students! These teachers are ROCK STARS!!! #WhatInspirESU
2 days ago, ESU 16
MAP logo
Hershey Logo
Wallace is back at it with Teaching Studies! Samantha Garrison utilized her #HQIM to facilitate student-centered discussions on gothic novels. She did AMAZING! #WhatInspirESU
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Cadre #5 Teaching Studies
Tech Tip Tuesday! Want to learn more about the Canvas Quizzes feature? Check it out here: #WhatInspirESU
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Just how competitive are the @MullenSchools principals? Check it out here:
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Whew! We had so much fun with @MullenSchools on Friday! Mullen teachers vertically aligned their math standards and participated in some engaging math activities! They may also be adopting #HQIM in math in the future! #GoBronocos #WhatInspirESU
4 days ago, ESU 16
Team Buildings with Yarn!
Vertical Alignment of Standards
Team Building with Yarn!
Team Building with Yarn!
The North Platte Public Library Creation Station helped the Owls make the 2020-2021 shirts.
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OWLS tshirts
ESU 16 Early Childhood has a new webpage up and running. Watch this short video to see how to access their webpage, learn more about us and great resources! Click here to watch!
7 days ago, ESU 16 Early Childhood
ESU 16 early childhood new webpage
Fall 2020 VIRTUAL CPI TRAINING!! (Initial & Refresher) Register Soon if Interested:)
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We had an impromptu field trip. Alex loves watching all the construction equipment out at MPCC. The driver stop the machine asked me if Alex could come closer to see the machine? So the whole class went to see the maintainer. Alex loved it!
7 days ago, ESU16
Alex looking at maintainer!
Beginning Zoom Sign Languages Class Register by Sept 30th HT T P S : / / F ORMS . G L E / C B Z E P C F F R B 2 P OX V T 7
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Zoom Sign Language
At ESU 16 we LOVE to teach kids to have a Growth Mindset, but silly us....Growth Mindset isn't just for KIDS! Parents, Teachers, Administrators and ESU Colleagues what does your self-talk look like? Need help shifting to a Growth Mindset? Print this awesome reminder!
8 days ago, Sara Gentry
ABCs Self-Talk
My Nebraska Story: McCook McCook is one of the communities served by the High Plains Early Learning Connection Partnership. #MyNebraskaStory #WhatsYourRole
9 days ago, ESU 16
My NE Story: McCook
Happy Birthday Deana!
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Deana Birthday
Tech Tip Tuesday! Want to learn more about how to build your Canvas course utilizing modules?! Check it out here: #WhatInspirESU
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Check out this video by Dr. Randy Boardman! He will be presenting "Time to Teach" virtually this October. Register on the ESU 16 website
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Dr. Boardman
I Love U Guys & Psychologist First Aid Training!! These upcoming trainings will be a wonderful opportunity for your safety/crisis teams to attend!
11 days ago, ESU 16
I Love U Guys
Psychological First Aid
Siblings of Autism Support Group & Training for Youth 13-18 years old. The webinar is free to attend, registration is required. Register at:
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