WE ARE HIRING! Come join the T&L team @ESU_16! Do you love to work with educators around curriculum, assessments/data, MTSS/School Improvement, & more? Hurry & apply today! These positions don't come open often! https://www.esu16.org/page/current-job-openings
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we are hiring T&L
Web-Based trainings for Paraeducators and Teachers can be found at https://para.unl.edu/index.lasso
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Project Para
ESU 16 supports our schools with Deaf Education services. Check out the story at: https://youtu.be/UM2qpTgV2W4. For more information, go to the ESU 16 Deaf Education website at: https://www.esu16.org/page/deaf-education
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Deaf Education logo
This past week professionals from Paxton, Perkins County, McPherson County, and Sutherland attended Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training. CPI is designed to help professionals provide the best Care, Welfare, Safety and Security in their setting.
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CPI Workshop Participants
Remember, every student that is deaf or hard of hearing is a child first and foremost. They just want to be treated like everyone else!
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I live my life
HAL Alert.....Let's "C" it..... Contact Lou for scheduling your workshop at lcox-for@esusixteen.org
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ESU 16 School Psychologists (Carmen & Catherine) would like to thank Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation/John Russell Applegate for funding us to attend NASP 2021 Virtual Convention! We enjoyed our first day and can't wait for the rest of the week! We appreciate this continuing professional learning opportunity!!
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What literacy skills does your 1st grader need before the end of the school year? Follow this link to find out! https://www.asha.org/uploadedImages/Literacy-Skills-First-Grade.jpg
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What is the history behind Career & Technical Education? Check it out! #CTEMonth #WhatInspirESU
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CTE History Infographic
Wondering if your baby has a hearing loss? Here are some things to look for if you are concerned. Please remember to always follow up any concerns with a professional.
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Hearing Loss in Babies
Owls were learning some exercises today with Jason at Enzo Athletics in North Platte. Jason said clients come in and receive personal training to learn the importance of exercising and to do the exercises correctly to prevent injuries. He said they want people to enjoy exercising. The students did planks, worked on the rings, did push ups and lunges. They had fun and worked hard. Thank you Jason!
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CJ and Savanna working the rings!
Alex and Mrs.Cisneros working hard!
Doing planks!!
Students with Jason from Enzo Athletics.
It's Random Acts of Kindness Day!!! https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-videos/18-the-science-of-kindness RAK has Free Evidence-Based Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum for Grades K-12!!!!
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How does a speech-language pathologist help a person who stutters?
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Stuttering Treatment
ESU 16 Board Meeting scheduled for today at 12:30 p.m. MT has been postponed until 2/23/2021 due to the potential/likelihood of emergency coordinated power interruptions of service, with very little notice, if any, of where the interruptions will take place.
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13 district educators & admin collaborated around high-quality materials support, digital engagement strategies, 5 NDE presenters, Para training, Ag projects, curriculum development, assessment uses, just to highlight a few. Shout out to all who presented to @ESU_16!
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What exactly is Career & Technical Education? Check it out! Happy #CTEMonth! #WhatInspirESU
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What is CTE infographic
Happy Birthday!!
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Wearing a mask can be frustrating, but it is even more frustrating trying to keep the mask on when you have hearing aids, cochlear implants and/or possibly glasses. Here are some ideas to help alleviate the frustration for students that are struggling with their masks.
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Ideas for wearing masks
Fact: More than 70 million people in the world stutter. www.asha.org/stuttering/
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Did you know stuttering...
Happy Birthday!!
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