These dedicated providers and teachers planned and built ramps and pathways as part of the Approaches to Learning ELG held in Eustis. They got to choose from toys found around a center and around the house/yard items to build with. Thank you Angie for an engaging activity!
3 months ago, HPELC
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Board Games Promote Mental Stimulation Board games can cultivate a child’s attention span and are a fun way to teach focus and communication! #Fitandhealthykids Learn more:
3 months ago, HPELC
Due to the weather forecast, both ESU 16 offices will be closed Monday, March 25, 2024. Thank you for understanding. Stay warm and stay safe!
3 months ago, Administration/Business
Students from eight ESU 16 districts came to Battle of the Books yesterday. It was a fun day of activities focused on the Golden Sower books, selected by the NE School Library Assoc. Thank you to John Russell Applegate, Sutherland Public Schools and Walmart.
3 months ago, Media/Tech
Battle of the Books 1
Battle of the Books 2
Battle of the Books 3
Battle of the Books 4
Attention Parents, Educators & Care Providers of Individuals with Disabilities-Come enjoy a free conference presented by PTI (Parent Training and Information) on April 19th & 20th Lunch and Daycare is provided. Scan the QR code to register.
3 months ago, ESU 16
PTI April 19-20 '24 Bethel Church
ESU 16 is a job site for an 🦉O.W.L.S. student from Hershey! Savannah works hard, independently, and takes pride in her work. Not to mention brightens up the office when she's around!⭐️
3 months ago, OWLS
Hershey OWLS
Hershey 2
Some days all you need is a little sunshine!
3 months ago, Teaching and Learning
Sunshine 2
ALL Teachers, Para-Professionals, Administration, CIP/ MTSS teams- CHECK OUT these opportunities @ESU16! We are committed to supporting YOU! Register to save your spot TODAY! #WhatInspirESU
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Emotion Coaching: Helping Children Manage Strong Feelings: This workshop focuses on emotional intelligence principles such as emotion coaching, permissive, dismissive, and disapproving styles of dealing with children's emotions. #Fitandhealthykids Register now for the April 1st class!
3 months ago, HPELC
Happy Birthday SSC NP Administrative Assistant, Sara!
3 months ago, Administrative
Happy birthday
Para Impact Conference is scheduled for August 12, at ESU 16 Ogallala. Topics include: CPI, Social Communication, 5 Point Scale, Make and Take and self-care. Registrations limited to the first 50 registrants by May 31. Thank you to John Russell Applegate for grant funding.
3 months ago, ESU 16
Para Conference Flier
Wildfire Helping children affected by the wildfire is an important part of parents' and caregivers’ roles. Children may become upset or withdrawn, while others can’t stop talking about the experience. Use simple, age-appropriate explanations about what happened during the disaster. One key way to help children feel safe is by providing reassurance that many caring adults are working together to keep them safe. For older children, ask them what they know and what questions they may have. #Fitandhealthykids Learn more at
3 months ago, HPELC
ESU 16 Carl Perkins Consortium held Connecting the Dots Career Day at MPCC today for 9 school districts with 135 sophomores. Deb Paulman, former ESU 16 administrator, talked about careers in education. Thank you to the John Russell Applegate Grant who also sponsored the event.
3 months ago, ESU 16
Connecting the Dots presenters
Wildlife Diorama Animals, just like people, need several things to survive. Food, water, shelter, & space are vital for an animal to live successfully in its environment. Explore this activity & more at #Fitandhealthykids
3 months ago, HPELC
Want to broaden your awareness around the Science of Reading? Come join us for either of the following opportunities! You'll leave with actionable practices you wish you would have learned years ago! #SORinACTION!
3 months ago, ESU 16
SOR in Action
Happy Birthday to our Early Child/Teacher Consultant, Denise! We hope you enjoy your day!
3 months ago, Administrative
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to our Teaching & Learning Director, Alison! We wish you a wonderful day!
3 months ago, Administrative
Happy Birthday!!
Due to weather both ESU 16 offices will be closed today in Ogallala and North Platte. Thank you for understanding, stay warm and stay safe!
3 months ago, Administration/Business
ESU 16 speech-language pathologists would like to thank the John Russell Applegate Foundation for granting us the opportunity to use the Everyday Speech curriculum with our students. Teachers and students all the way from Mullen to Wallace have enjoyed learning about making friends, conversation starters and stoppers, tuning into ourselves and others, dating, and so much more! We give the Applegate Foundation many thumbs up!
3 months ago, ESU 16 Speech-Language Pathologists
Thumbs Up for Everyday Speech!
Thumbs Up to the Applegate Foundation
Kickoff your '24-'25 school year with some intentional team time to prepare essential pieces critical to success! Bring your CIP/MTSS team to determine next steps with CIP, essential components for problem-solving meetings, & optimize capabilities of eduCLIMBER! Don't miss out!
3 months ago, ESU 16