ESU 16 is HIRING!!
3 days ago, Amber Lutz
ESU 16 is HIRING!!!
Take time to care.
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Principals @ESU_16 showing their ❤️for public schools! We collaborated around CNA 2.0, NE Teacher & Principal Standards, eduCLIMBER shout outs, implementation & leadership support on HQIM, & of course, some fun w/ Principal Cadre Bingo for some prizes! #ilovepublicschools
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At Home in Nebraska: McCook and Communities for Kids Support In-Home Providers Growing the Good Life by Nebraska Children and Families
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Growing The Good Life
ESU 16 is hiring!!
13 days ago, Amber Lutz
ESU 16 is Hiring!!
Referrals and questions regarding services for infants and toddlers birth to 3 years old with disabilities should be made to the local Early Development Network Referral Agency of the child/family or call: Nebraska ChildFind at 1-888-806-6287 (toll-free)
13 days ago, ESU 16 Early Childhood
EC Planning Regions
EDN Referral Directory
If you are a Nebraska educator and are 50+ years of age OR within 5 years of retirement, please plan to attend the Retirement Planning Workshop session Presented by: Brian Luther-retirement specialist and former educator.
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Consider the power of communication...
14 days ago, ESU 16 Speech-Language Pathologists
Power of Communication
This is the last week to register for How Our Brains Learn presented by Dr. Lori Desautels. Register at:
17 days ago, HPELC
Dr. Lori Desautels
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HPELC Newsletter
Registration is Now Open for Visual Phonics at: Recommended for Pre-K-2nd Grade, Title I and Special Needs Educators
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Visual Phonics
The Nutrition Education Program (NEP) in Nebraska helps families on a limited budget make healthier food choices and choose physically active lifestyles by acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior changes necessary to improve their health. NEP is free to all participants who meet income guidelines. NEP is funded through Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Find recipes, helpful cooking information, and more...
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NEP logo
Consider this:
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change the world
ESU 16 is hiring!!!
23 days ago, Amber Lutz
ESU 16 is hiring!!!
Registration is still open for Dr. Lori Desautels' workshop on How Our Brains Learn. Register at
24 days ago, HPELC
Dr. Lori Desautels
Happy New Year's Eve!! Going into the new year, remember you can do anything you put your mind to! Sue Thomas never let her deafness stop her. She worked for the FBI!!
27 days ago, Deaf Education
Sue Thomas
Click below to see a quick video about internet safety to share with your kids: Happy New Year!
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A good thought to remember while your children are on winter break...
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Are you an early childhood professional who needs complimentary continuing education hours? Pull up a chair and join us on the web! Register for the class at
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Jan 10 Wkshop
Did you know Beethoven had a hearing loss and he still wrote some of the most amazing music known today.
about 1 month ago, Deaf Education