Medication Aide class coming up on September 24th and there is still time to register! Download the registration form and return as soon as possible!
5 days ago, Administration/Business
Med Aide
2021 Partner Up Rodeo is beginning to take shape!!!
7 days ago, Transition
WW Arena
Meet our ESU 16 Early Childhood Team! Welcome to our newest member, Jennie Dyer, Physical Therapist. Learn about our team members on our "Meet The Team" webpage.
7 days ago, ESU 16 Early Childhood
ESU 16 early childhood team
Registration is now open for the 2021 Fall SPED Pods -- Save the Date & Register today!
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SPED pod
Deadline to register for the World Language Fall Workshop is September 15th. Register here:
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World Language
Thank you to all our Districts for participating in the ESU 16 Listening Tour!! We only have 1 left to go! It has been such an enjoyable couple weeks traveling to each district and being able to hear from you & your team!! We look forward to sharing what we have learned!
11 days ago, Administration/Business
listening tour
Have questions about specific eduCLIMBER features? If so, bring your team to this training to continue maximizing the impact of eduCLIMBER in your school. Be sure to submit any topics that you would like covered during this training:
13 days ago, Briana Hawks
eduCLIMBER Training
The Employee School Readiness Tax Credit is a refundable income tax credit available to employees and self-employed individuals working in early childhood programs. More information can be found at
14 days ago, HPELC
Employee School Readiness Tax Credit Flyer
Use those fun "pop fidgets" for speech practice. Pair your target sound with a variety of vowels, and say them 3 times (or roll a die to determine how many times) as you pop the circle.
14 days ago, Jo Lee
Pop Fidget Speech
Join us for a day spotlighting vetted open educational resources for grades 7-12 with Audrey Webb. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to see examples of available resources, lesson examples, and a time to collaborate with other ESU 16science teachers.
15 days ago, Briana Hawks
Science Materials Spotlight
ESU 16 Early Childhood has a new Online Referral Form! Check it out on our ESU 16 Home Page under News and on our Early Childhood Home Page.
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Are you a NEW or NON-TENURED Teacher @esu_16? Check out our New Teacher Academy & the topics geared to YOU!! Sign up today to collaborate, learn ,grow together and get support personalized to your needs as you navigate the teaching profession! #WhatInspirESU #NewTeachers2122
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new teachers
Instead of being annoyed with the latest "fidget" craze, turn it into a learning opportunity. Have your child roll the die to determine how many circles to "pop." Only work 1-2 numbers past where they currently can count, or add 1-2 numerals that aren't mastered.
21 days ago, Jo Lee
Pop Fidget Math
See what OWLS students have been doing since the start of school! Welcome back!
22 days ago, OWLS
owls logo
Happy Birthday!
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The August/September 2021 newsletter has just been published. Check it out here:
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HPELC newsletter
Happy Birthday!
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Come collaborate with our @ESU_16 Principals! Register today to save your spot! #AsGoodAsYourLeader #GrowthIsVital #WhatInspirESU
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Principals Meeting
Doing some high-quality instructional materials coaching today @ North Platte Catholic Schools! Spent time supporting teachers with their needs & priorities in implementing @eurekamath! Love the connections & relationships built with this crew!#nematerialsmatter #WhatInspirESU
about 1 month ago, ESU 16
Everything Title I Workshop September 22nd Who: District Bookkeepers and Superintendents Registration link:
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Title I Support