GUIDANCE & DISCIPLINE How should we respond to children’s misbehavior? Check out this class on December 4, 2023 #fitandhealthykids
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Open-ended materials and loose parts can make a tremendous difference in children's learning! Thanks for the reminder @cuddlebugbooks
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ESU 16 Network Operations Department sponsored a recycling event with American Recycling for school districts yesterday. Approximately 10 tons of technology was sent away to be recycled.
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LAN managers from ten ESU school districts attended ESU 16 Sysops yesterday. Topics included security, artificial intelligence, erate and more. A great day of learning and sharing!
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Sysops meeting
Nick Maxcy presents
Happy Birthday Julie!
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Happy Birthday!
FRUIT PRINTING: Young children like to make fingerprints or handprints so why not introduce them to the art concept of printmaking? Fruits and vegetables make excellent stamps. #Fitandhealthykids
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Print Making
Happy Birthday Alynne!
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Happy Birthday!
Preschool Paras gathered today to learn about ECERS-3 and fostering resiliency in preschool children
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Happy Birthday Kathy!
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Happy Birthday!
"It Starts with Us" is the latest episode of "The Good Life in Early Life" where Emily is joined by Carrie Gottschalk to discuss behavior guidance in early childhood. Listen now on MediaHub, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify!
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ESU 16 LAN Managers will meet on Wednesday, November 8, at ESU 16 in North Platte beginning at 9 a.m. CT. Questions, email: or
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Sysops flier
Happy Halloween to all! Stay safe, have fun and enjoy the evening!
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Happy Halloween!
ESU 16 in Ogallala celebrated Halloween with a Spooktacular Potluck. We had some special guests join us. Thank you Jason & Duke for dressing up and joining us today! We are wishing everyone a safe and wonderful Halloween!
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Halloween 1
Halloween 2
Halloween 3
Join the NDE accreditation team for a day full of learning and applying the continuous improvement process for school districts. Anyone involved or a part of the CIP process- leaders, teachers, and team members should attend. Register here:
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CIP Team Nov 2 '23 ESU 16
"Impromptu collaboration across ESU 16 departments with a partnering district. Love when these opportunities happen, either planned or naturally. #CollaborationisKEY"
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Impromtu Collaboration
THE IMPORTANCE OF PROCESS ART EXPERIENCES: Process art experiences can support a child’s growth and development in almost all content areas. Childcare providers will want to partake in the open-ended exploration of process art and explore strategies for creating an inviting process art experience! Register TODAY at
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Process Art
ESU 16 Librarians will meet Monday, October 30, beginning at 10 a.m. CT at the ESU in North Platte. For more information email:
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Librarian Day flier
BITING: Children might engage in negative behavior, like biting, to let you know how they feel when they do not have the skills to express themselves. It’s a common behavior that should be addressed immediately. Parents can watch and learn when their child is likely to bite. #fitandhealthykids
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Biting 5
FIRE STATION: There is still time to celebrate Fire Prevention Month with a virtual field trip to a fire station. Learn about fire safety with activities like dramatic play and putting out a “fire” @ #Fitandhealthykids
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Fire Station
Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!
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Happy Birthday!