Look twice before you click. Cyber criminals will try to get you to act quickly through subject lines and messaging; pause to consider before opening an unexpected email attachment. Most importantly, NEVER click on a link asking you to enter your password or change your password. Always go directly to the site to enter your password or call the company directly if there appears to be a problem.
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Ogallala Central Office hours are a little different than North Platte Special Service Center hours this week and next! Happy Holidays!
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holiday hours
What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more?
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The new Miss America was crowned last night!!! Did you know in 1995 our Miss America was deaf?? Her name was Heather Whitestone.
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Miss America
Children love it when they hear their name! Childcare providers can begin to build strong relationships with children with this one small step. https://child.unl.edu/choosing-quality-childcare/relationships
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By Name
We're back!!! We are so excited to be back in the NPSSC. The building is open M-F from 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Staff are moving in and we will resume workshops & meetings sometime in late January. Stop over. We would love to show you around.
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Quality childcare providers will adapt to the needs and interests of the children. https://child.unl.edu/choosing-quality-childcare/curriculum-and-approaches-to-learning
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Strong passwords are still key to online security. Here are some tips for creating strong passwords. Avoid common words and character combinations. Longer passwords are better. Don't recycle your passwords. Use 2-factor authentication. Use a password manager (like LastPass) to keep track of your passwords. Tips from c|net article:https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/9-rules-for-strong-passwords-how-to-create-and-remember-your-login-credentials/
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Perfect the art of sabotage! https://youtu.be/NvSD6XzqgJA
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Toddlers play next to each other but not necessarily with each other. Therefore, it is important to have multiples of the same materials. Quality childcare programs will keep the developmentally appropriate practices of toddlers in mind. o https://child.unl.edu/choosing-quality-childcare/curriculum-and-approaches-to-learning
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Toddler Space
" We tend to view confusion as a bad thing, but confusion is often at the heart of learning" John Spencer Holy buckets...check this out https://spencerauthor.com/strategic-confusion/
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Deaf and Hard of Hearing people want to be treated the same as everyone else.
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Living my best life
Interest Toddler  Transitions can be stressful for children so they should be kept at a minimum throughout the day. What should they look like? https://child.unl.edu/choosing-quality-childcare/curriculum-and-approaches-to-learning  
about 2 months ago, HPELC
Language What does Kindergarten readiness look like?  Simple key points https://child.unl.edu/choosing-quality-childcare/curriculum-and-approaches-to-learning  
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Holiday Online Shopping: Safety Tips: Shop only on legitimate online shops/shopping platforms. Avoid direct purchases on social platforms. Search for reviews and comments. Use trusted payment methods. Don’t use unusual payment methods. Never click links or attachments from unknown sources. Tips from Trend Micro security website.
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Gift ideas! Check out these great ideas for quality, language building toys. https://www.cariebertseminars.com/uploads/2/8/9/0/28903483/holiday_toy_guide_2021.pdf
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Infants Can Explore Infants are natural explorers; it is how they learn. What does a quality infant caregiver look like? https://child.unl.edu/choosing-quality-childcare/relationships
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Infants Explore
ESU 16 is celebrating the amazing work being done by districts across the service unit. Read to find out why Stapleton has earned this week's District Spotlight! #WhatInspirESU #ESU16spotlight
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Serve And Return Children develop through relationships with attentive adults. What should Provider/Child Relationships look like? To learn more check this out! https://child.unl.edu/choosing-quality-childcare/relationships
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Serve & Return
When you are visiting with a person that is deaf or hard of hearing, it is important to remember the following tips.
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